Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Someone I met ... who I wish I had met earlier....

Two weeks ago on a Wednesday morning my friend T called me asking if I would like to go to a Mommy to Mommy group at her church that meets every Wednesday. Usually I am not very comfortable in these groups because I feel like I am being judged all the time although that was my misconception the moment I entered this room full of moms. My friend who also happens to be my really really awesome neighbor, is so kind and generous. there were about 8 moms with their kids some babies and some toddlers. The toddlers were playing in the playroom next to our room and the babies were either on the floor in their bouncers or swing or in mom's lap doing what they do best (nursing of course :)) then I saw this lady who had a writing pad and a pen in her hand and she was sitting on the floor so the first impression was wow this lady who offers advice to all these moms is so humble. She welcomed me and T with a smile and all the moms took turns discussing mommy issues and baby issues and she was offering advice on all these various topics. Then I asked her a few questions and guess what I was so happy I attended this group meeting because the absentminded person that I am I found out that I was using my infant carseat for my son who had outgrown it. So it was like a wake up call to get a new one which by the way I will be getting tomorrow. The person who was giving us all the valuable advice was the founder of this website Kay Green. You can read about her here and you will know what a good and noble person she is. Very few people are like her these days. I am so glad I met her. Hats off to her and thanks T for taking me to this wonderful informative class with you.

THE LESSON : Don't make assumptions about Mommy groups they can be quite helpful when you find the right one.

Gratitude journal entry : Thanks to all the moms in that group who made me feel comfortable and welcome and thanks T and Kay for helping me out.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Nice bag at the Red Hot shop at Target

While surfing the internet tonight I found this really cool looking bag and thought of posting a photo that I borrowed from their website. So very summery and useful too. I wish they would sell it at their stores too.