Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The IKEA Home delivery saga

You know I have been such a big fan of Ikea that it used to literally make my day when I would go shopping there. First of all we did not have an Ikea in our town and now that it is there I was super excited about it since I did not have to drive down 200 miles to reach an Ikea store anymore. I had just posted about Ikea earlier and was so proud doing it. Really, I was in this haze over Ikea. Well they disappointed me greatly I must say. I still love the stuff they carry but let me tell you never never order Home Delivery from these guys. So here is my rant story, which is not made up but real. We wanted to buy a new sofa set for our family room and we decided to get it from Ikea. So off we went shopping there and the first time we went we actually ended up buying furniture for our kids ( I am sure it has not happened to any of you :)) anyways after spending a quarter of our sofa budget on the kids stuff we went again and finally found the VRETA sofa in a dark brown color but to our bad luck that was not in stock so my husband dear said we will order it online and get it delivered at our place. So I said why not order in store. That was left at that and when he tried to place an order online for delivery at home they were charging some outrageous amount of money for shipping so we went back to the store again and asked them if it was back in stock. It wasn't. So he placed an order at the store and they said since they did not have it in stock they would only charge 55 bucks for home delivery from their Southern California store. The estimated delivery date was June 13th and the order was placed on June 9th. So we kept waiting almost till the end of June and no sofa. So I called them and they said that it would arrive sometime around July 3rd or 4th since they were trying to get more trucks into their system ( whatever that means), then .........waiting and waiting till the 4th I called them again and the customer service rep said it won't be before the 6th of July now so we had to wait. I called again since the sofa did not show up on the 6th either. So I called again and after transfering my calls they hooked me up with this customer service rep who told me that they should have told me that it could take 3 to 4 weeks for the delivery ( a minor detail which they obviously missed telling us) and they cannot do anything about it. So she said that I would be getting a call from the delivery company that they contract to for furniture deliveries on the 7th and also gave me a special order number that I would need if they did not call. So on the afternoon of 7th somebody called our home and told me that they will deliver between the 2 pm to 6 pm window and they would call ( the drivers) would call 30 minutes ahead to confirm again. Then again, the same night someone else from the delivery company calls to see if the 8 am to 12 pm window will be okay and I told them that I had already been set up for the 2-6 pm window by someone and she had no idea what I was talking about and said they its not showing anything that like that on their "board". I waited for the 8 to 12 window phone call and that never arrived then I receive a call from the driver saying that they were running late and asked me if I was free all day ??? Can you believe that ??? So they said they would be at our place around 3 pm now. So the waiting game continued further...then no delivery until 3:30 pm so I called their delivery company and asked about my order. I was put on hold for sometime and the lady from the company told me that the drivers were stuck in traffic and would be there by 5 pm. So they called finally around 5 pm saying that they were close and they would be at our place soon. So finally we did get our sofa. But I will never order furniture from Ikea using their home delivery service. It was grossly disappointing on Ikea's part. Thanks for reading such a long post about my day yesterday but I think Ikea really does need to work on their delivery services...please anyone reading this who is even remotely connected to Ikea should bring this to their attention.