Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring break is fun.

Last week I was dreading spring break thinking to myself that we have not enrolled the kids in any classes and I have not planned for that vacation but seems like things are going very nicely even without any extracurricular activities or should I say planned activities. I am realizing each day that they ( my kids) don't need planned activities they are just happy being with me. They have started playing more and more with each other and developing that special bond that siblings have. I knew they had the bond but it is so much fun to actually hear them during their pretend play sessions. I am glad I stay at home and I am not missing those special chats that they have with each other. I get to hear them when I am working in the kitchen and I see myself stopping and smiling. I wish I could record all of it and they could stay like this forever. Ah one can only hope !!

conversations at our table

It is so much fun to hear the kids talk now since their vocabularies are expanding. Here is a sample :

Setting : Lunch time eating spaghetti, feeding self.
Kid 1 : Enjoying spaghetti and face covered in sauce.
Kid 2: Your face is a disaster !

I could not stop myself from smiling and thinking what more will I hear ??