Thursday, April 26, 2007

I am thinking of photographing my baby's head but only from the back( I think I need to rephrase this somehow)

I have been pondering about this since the last few days. I am not a photographer or anything but I think it is kind of cool that one should photograph the posterior view of the head of a baby since that keeps on changing so much because they get the head that is the newborn head where they either have a lot hair or no hair or very little hair. Then they start growing some hair or losing the hair and the view changes again and then they sleep a certain way and they start getting a bald spot there or they get a small band that goes around the back and that is bald or they have a flat head but a lot of hair and so on and so forth. I wonder if you would like to take pictures of those cute little heads. I want to do that and hopefully I will over this weekend. So do send me a picture of your cutie's head and maybe we can have that as a part of their baby books. I am so into this idea today and will take a picture tomorrow itself. This might sound cheesy to some of you but to me it is being a mom who wants to capture so many memories in so little time and this idea is just one of them....

Miss you sister

I was reading my favorite blog and suddenly it hit me that no matter how different people are and where they live the human nature is oh so common. I miss my sister not being here with me. With all her good and bad habits she was such a sweety. My sister has the most love for my kids after me. She just adores them so much and so does my brother but she is the one who has spent the most time with them. I miss her today and so many other days. She is pursuing to be a surgeon and I wish her all the luck for that and the rest of her life. She has taught me so much about being kind and patient and she has seen the best and worst of me and tolerated me through and through. I am still looking for a place for my brother and I hope he finds it soon. Gotta go, baby calls.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April showers bring May flowers

Well today was the day it rained well drizzled all day and I am not kidding when I say that I am tired of it. Here in Oregon it is always like that but somehow I was always hope that the sun should shine some more on our state too. It does in summer but I think spring should also get some more sun. Anyways my son did take two small naps which gave me sometime to do my household chores. It is a never ending task. I was also thinking about my younger brother who is still looking for a place to rent in Detroit I hope he finds it soon as he has to move in first week of May. It is so annoying when people hang up on you when they are the ones who have posted a FOR RENT ad on the internet. I think some people just need some lessons in manners. I am just too protective of both my siblings although I know they are all grown up and will manage on their own.
I was also thinking of trying to make some vegetarian mexican food. On more store that I love is Trader Joe's. I feel so much at home there. They some really nice food and snacks and I love the almondina cookies they have there. My daughter actually had school today and she did not cry on her first day of school just because her friend was there but today her friend could not make it and I was waiting for this day. She managed to stay in school with only little bit of crying. Did it scare you to send your daughter to school the first time ? I still get the jitters. I guess I am just too emotional about the issue. I am sure a lot of other moms are too.

Monday, April 23, 2007

what was I thinking when I decided to enjoy the day today !!!!!!!!!!

Hahaha, so much for enjoyment well my son who is turning 6 months next weekend did not take even a single nap that lasted more than 10 minutes since 8 this morning and I tried rocking him in the cradle, rocking him in the swing (which by the way I love), even carrying him and swinging him but nothing worked. I guess he had just decided that today was the day he did not want to nap so now he is fast asleep and I hope that continues till tomorrow morning. I did enjoy the sun a little bit with both of them in the afternoon even though it was for a few minutes in my neighbor's front yard. She also happens to be my friend. Another thing that I am thankful about today and probably will be for a long long time is having such wonderful neighbor's in whom I see my friends too. I am so lucky to have such a warm group of people around me. It is said in my language that your first relative is your neighbor and I can actually agree, I was not hoping to have that here but I have it. So I am thankful.