Saturday, December 19, 2009

New yummy treat finds at Costco

Hello fellow bloggers,
I have been missing from my blog since so many months. I have been plain lazy and there is no excuse for that too. I am going to try and be a regular from now on. So our local costco has been carrying a few things that are really yummy.

1. Cub claws pastry : It is this yummy all natural/no trans fat snack that contains dry apples, dry apricots, dry cranberries, almond extract, vanilla to mention a few of them. Try and tell me how you like them.
2. Melt-o-ways : A flaky/buttery pastry twist filled with raspberry jam and cream cheese. Is your mouth-watering yet.
3. La dolce vita Italian cookie variety pack with two kinds of biscotti( chocolate and cranberry-almond) and wedding kiss cookie and amaretti too.