Friday, May 16, 2008

Recipe post

I am supposed to be fast asleep now but I am not since I am on a roll tonight or today whatever you call it since its 10 after midnight here. I am definitely not sane LOL. Anywho recently I made this dish well its a leftover dish that I made. So its really simple and I am sorry I don't have a photo to show you but next time maybe I will. I call it Idli gujjustyle. So I had about 8-10 leftover idlis in my fridge and I thought that let me just do something with them so I cubed them up and put a tablespoon of olive oil in a pan and added some mustard seeds and curry leaves and hing to it and then added the idlis and some salt and sugar ( just about half a tsp of sugar-and that is why the name) and sauteed it and let some idli stick to the bottom of my pan and voila you have leftover gujjustyle idli. My kids ( both of them) gobbled it up and I had the crumbs, the caked on crumbs and they tasted yummy. So if you like this you can try it too and see what you think of it. I can post the exact recipe if anyone would be interested. But tonight I really need to sleep. Good night and sweet yummy dreams to all.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Memories that will last a lifetime

I went to India for 4 and a half months and came back thinking I will write so much about the things I did and what I thought of what I observed there but that certainly has not happened. But one thing is for sure that I brought back with me so many wonderful memories and so did my kids. These are a few things that I miss, the everyday sunshine, the hustle and bustle of the streets, the packed markets, the sounds of the rickshaws and the most important being with my ma and pa. I am really sure that my kids specially my son misses them a lot. He had the hardest time of all because it was his first time and he took to India like fish to water. I never felt even once that he was not happy there. he never fell sick there, he had a roaring good time. He would just wake up early in the morning and be with my mom and I could sleep in ( Oh how I miss that) thanks ma !!!!!! I owe you big time for this and so much more. My dad was his best friend. You know I have started believing in this thing called past life attachments because they were so close to each other and I used to wonder how it could be. He used to be crazy about my dad running behind NANA ( that is what we call our maternal grandfather) and the reverse was true too. The best compliment I have received in my entire life was from my dad when he said " You add a few more years to my life when you let me be with your kids" I never knew I could make him so happy and I thought to myself that maybe this is a way I am making up for all the disappointments that I gave him when I was a child and believe me I did when I say so. I was quite a rebel in certain aspects. Here are a few things my son definitely misses other than being with NANI-NANA. He misses seeing the street dogs and cows for sure no matter how much a nuisance they are to us adults but it was like one of the wonders of the world to my little guy. So today I want to thank all those cows and dogs ( and pigs for that matter) who made my son's day better. He misses going in the rickshaws with my mummy. He misses hanging out with the birds on the terrace. He misses playing in the dirt on our terrace. He misses getting baths from Nani. He misses all the hugs and kisses from everyone he met. He misses the pigeons that used to sit on our neighbor's front balcony ( Our neighbor auntie used to get so annoyed with them and she used to say take them with you to America :)). He misses going to the end of the street fruitwala and grabbing a few oranges. I felt like he was reborn in India and found his new self there. In my next post I will write about my little girl and what she did in India. I miss all of it so much too.