Friday, May 16, 2008

Recipe post

I am supposed to be fast asleep now but I am not since I am on a roll tonight or today whatever you call it since its 10 after midnight here. I am definitely not sane LOL. Anywho recently I made this dish well its a leftover dish that I made. So its really simple and I am sorry I don't have a photo to show you but next time maybe I will. I call it Idli gujjustyle. So I had about 8-10 leftover idlis in my fridge and I thought that let me just do something with them so I cubed them up and put a tablespoon of olive oil in a pan and added some mustard seeds and curry leaves and hing to it and then added the idlis and some salt and sugar ( just about half a tsp of sugar-and that is why the name) and sauteed it and let some idli stick to the bottom of my pan and voila you have leftover gujjustyle idli. My kids ( both of them) gobbled it up and I had the crumbs, the caked on crumbs and they tasted yummy. So if you like this you can try it too and see what you think of it. I can post the exact recipe if anyone would be interested. But tonight I really need to sleep. Good night and sweet yummy dreams to all.

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A Cook @ Heart said...

Hi!! Waiting for the idi gujju style pix ! and pl do mail me ur soy chunks recipe on