Monday, April 23, 2007

what was I thinking when I decided to enjoy the day today !!!!!!!!!!

Hahaha, so much for enjoyment well my son who is turning 6 months next weekend did not take even a single nap that lasted more than 10 minutes since 8 this morning and I tried rocking him in the cradle, rocking him in the swing (which by the way I love), even carrying him and swinging him but nothing worked. I guess he had just decided that today was the day he did not want to nap so now he is fast asleep and I hope that continues till tomorrow morning. I did enjoy the sun a little bit with both of them in the afternoon even though it was for a few minutes in my neighbor's front yard. She also happens to be my friend. Another thing that I am thankful about today and probably will be for a long long time is having such wonderful neighbor's in whom I see my friends too. I am so lucky to have such a warm group of people around me. It is said in my language that your first relative is your neighbor and I can actually agree, I was not hoping to have that here but I have it. So I am thankful.

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