Sunday, May 4, 2008

A few days lasted too long for me

Well so here I am back in the so-called few days..ha ha ha. I could not come back for a number of reasons but without being boring any further I must say that our comeback has not been a good one. I was so happy that I missed the dreaded winter with all that it brings with itself.....the rain, the clouds, the gloomy dark days, but I guess I celebrated too soon. The point I am trying to make is I was glad I was in India this whole winter and came back in March but two days after we came back my dear daughter comes down with a viral infection or as they call it here the stomach flu apparently she caught it on the plane or one of the airports. Then my son gets it and me and the hubby are left to fight it on our own too. It is a terrible thing to get. Then they both get a viral cold and come out of it and now I am so sick I can't tell you. Today I am feeling very tired, sore throat is taking its toll and so is my earache. I know, I know I am whining but I think I have a right to do that considering how I feel now. I am trying to keep the kids away from me so they don't get what I have and as I am typing this I hear my little boy at the stairs crying for mama.....I am feeling terrible. All that is left of me is a tired person but I wanted to type this just to get things out of my head. Yes, I am throwing myself a pityparty. So here is what I did for the past two days...nothing....nothing at all. I was thinking of doing laundry and going to Ikea and going to a park with the kids ....the weather has not been helping at all. They call it the El Nino effect. I don't know about that I just think that it just needs to go away. Maybe we need to be more earth-friendly and lessen the global warming. The viruses seem to be getting very potent each year. So many kids coming down with them and getting high fevers...I am feeeling very blah....

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