Thursday, June 5, 2008

My recipe is on a food blog I am so excited.

Today I received an email from Pooja saying that she has posted my recipe on her blog for the food blog event that she is hosting (VoW -JFI-BELL PEPPERS). I was excited and had to post about it. To be new as a blogger and to receive such a welcome in the food blogging world is very exciting to me. I actually got this recipe from watching FOOD NETWORK as I normally do everyday. It was my favorite show EVERYDAY ITALIAN. Its my daughter's favorite too. I absolutely adore Giada. She makes recipes seem so effortless and she makes me want to make them. I was watching Friends and Family feast episode and there it was , she was making Rigatoni with Bolognese sauce. I liked it because it had bell peppers, mascarpone cheese and they both happen to be my favorite ingredients. Anything that ends with cheese had to be good .. right !!! So thank you Pooja for the opportunity. Although I did not follow the recipe to the dot and made a few changes to it, it still came out tasting very yummy. Now I want to try Giada's Hazelnut crunch cake with mascarpone and chocolate ( again two of my favorite ingredients) since it has a very semi-homemade touch.


Supriya said...

Hi Sejal, I loved ur recipe on Pooja's blog...can't wait to try it. I've never used mascarpone cheese in my cooking for some reason, but it sounds so yummy.

zobars said...

Thanks Supriya, I love mascarpone cheese, I have used it in making cupcakes too, that is also from Giada's recipes.You should start your own foodblog its fun.

Pooja said...

keep on sending recipes Sejal. I liked your entry too much :) . Glad to see you overjoyed for being a guest writer for my blog :)