Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I thought I had the flu yesterday and I was so crabby but I got an OBAMA pill when I heard he had won. I was hoping and I knew it in my heart that he would. I voted for the first time this year and I must say I felt for the first time that it mattered. It was amazing to see him on stage and his speech was so great. I cannot say enough about our new President-elect. I just have really high hopes for him and I am sure the whole country has so many expectations and if we can be patient enough for him to work for the good of all of us and our kids...and help him as much as we will move our country forward.....and be the AMERICA we look hope we could be...I absolutely have that faith.


Pria said...

Hi there, yes it's a dream come true of Obama's win.
btw, you had posted a comment on my blog saying there is a pillsbury cook-off contest. Could you send me more information? Where can I find it?

Pria said...

Sorry, I forgot to mention my blog - 65 Days of Pure vegetarian -

Pria said...

Ahh, it is 365 Days.. my typo!

Anupama said...

Hi Zobars,
You are quite an Ikea buff aren't you? I love Ikea too. And those shopping bags that you have there, I bought those as well just in a different design. I took some for my mother and my sis back home in India and they just loved them too. I got them for 79p in UK so they must be even cheaper in the US.