Monday, April 30, 2007

Did I mention that I love chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just the thought of chocolate makes me smile. I absolutely am a self-appointed chocoholic. I love love love chocolate and I know that many other women do too. But I have not met another chocoholic who is as much of a crazy chocolate fan than my husband and I think we as a team are guilty of turning my daughter into one. According to me the best part about eating chocolate is that it is absolutely delicious and out of this world and for me it is a stress reliever. I have to have atleast one in some or the other form or I will be miserable as if I am missing something vital from my day :) I am sure a lot of you will share this emotion too. I have made my friend into a chocolate lover and believe she is a difficult person to convert. She never liked chocolate but now she does and I think partly it is because of me ( atleast I think so). My sister when she was here she ate so much chocolate with us. Have you tried the LINDT DARK CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES. They are out of this world. I love dark chocolate more than milk but I would take any when dark is not available. I love MOONSTRUCK CHOCOLATES because they are made here in Oregon although I don't get a chance to go buy them so frequently but I love them. I also love these soy based fudge bars although I am not a big fan of soy. I tried the Harry and David Moose munch recently and I didn't quite like it but that is just me. I love orange bars that are made of just fruit and no sugar added. I love the combination of chocolate and orange. Here at our house we are big fan of desserts of all sorts. I am not a pie person at all.

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