Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I love noodles and company

Tonight we tried out this new eatery called NOODLES & COMPANY and I enjoyed the food there. I ordered the Indonesian peanut saute, green salad and tofu (THE TRIO as they call it). It was awesome. If you want some Meditarranean, some American-Italian, some Thai and some Japanese/Chinese in one place then this is the place to go. It has a casual dining atmosphere which I personally prefer more than a formal setting since I have kids. We went with another friend and her family. This company is Colorado based and just opened in our area. I am a fan. The portion size is quite good. The Thai curry soup that we ordered was huge but it was a bit too sweet instead of spicy as they mentioned in their menu. But apart from that the food was really good. Now if only they could make Indian-Chinese combination of noodles!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAHHHHHHH the taste I so miss it.
By the way I also the love how they call themselves GLOBALLY INSPIRED and indeed they are. I also loved the decor and all the photos from around the globe that were on the walls. Loved the lamps as well. It is quite contemporary.


Michelle said...

Sounds so good. I wish we could find a good Indian restaurant where we live. I love chicken coconut kurma, or just kurmas in gerneral, what region is this dish made from?

Samir said...
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zobars said...

Hi Michelle,
I did a WIKI on your question and here is the link that might be helpful to you. Do you know that Costco ( which by the way I love) is selling readymade Korma sauce made by Maya Kaimal in their warehouses now. Try that and is a good website to go and get a good recipe for a Korma. You might end up making your own Korma.

zobars said...

Also I can ask someone who knows someone in Buffalo if they have any suggestions for a good Indian restaurant. You haven't been to my blog since long. Nice to see your comment again. Thanks for visiting.