Sunday, May 6, 2007

I love India and I love Indian food.

Today was a reminder for some reason of how much I am in love with India and the food and the people there. I miss it so much. I get cravings to go there. Apart from being my homeland it is my heart and soul and all. I miss it. I just love the varieties of food that is there in that little country. I love to cook for my family and my friends and even for people I barely know. I think food is a thing that makes people happy. Why not make a stranger happy by giving them something delicious to eat and expect nothing in return. I just absolutely love it when my friends come over and eat the food that I made and go with their tummies and their hearts full of joy and food ofcourse. I think that is the one thing that would connect us all. I have to start writing some of the recipes down that I have tried and have loved and have been loved by others as well. I just am such a people person that it would definitely be hard for me without people around me.


Hetal said...

I know how much you love your food and love having people over. It is really a joy to cook with you (@#$###???). Jokes apart, your love for cooking is very obvious in your food. I hope I can cook half as well when I am in Boston.

zobars said...

thanks for the kind words sis. i lve yur food too and i am sure you will be a good cook for sure