Monday, May 7, 2007

What's cookin........ummm ummm good




Well the foodie in me just woke up and I had to post pictures as well. I made Paneer with bell peppers (subji) and I loved it and so did my daughter. She absolutely loves paneer. The one thing I missed in the subji was the onions well because I did not have any. I love Paneer too. I also made this snack from puff pastry sheets called khari and it is a very good accompaniment to chai ..... Ahhh that just reminded me of my good old days as a girl who was living in a hostel and we used to have khari and chai everyday for our breakfast. There are so many varieties of khari available in India and now here in Indian grocery shops. I used to love this one small place in India that used to sell jeera khari and that was out of this world yummy. We (me and my friends who also were my hostelmates) were regulars and the shop owner knew us very well. He used to save a couple of packages for just us as they used to get sold out the same day. I miss my friends and my home and my school. I am feeling very nostalgic today.


trupti said...

I love Khari biscuits with Chai too......its the best!
I make them from Puff Pastry sheets as well, and add some jeera on top while they are baking....I think they taste so much better compared to the ones in the store.


zobars said...

Hi Trupti,
thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. That is such a good idea to add jeera while they are baking . i will try that next time. And they do taste better than store bought and oh so fresh.