Monday, May 21, 2007

No time to blog what I am doing here anyways if that is true

I have become quite a blogoholic... I am so tired that I am dizzy I don't have to stay up and write this but I am so today my dd came down with a stomach bug (viral they say) well she came down with it last night and the whole night was like playing the game of hide and seek with my sleep. Poor thing she was in so much pain and discomfort and I was feeling very helpless and to add to the fun and excitement of the late night show my ds kept waking up and crying just so he could join the party and not feel so left out. I am in a zombie state right now so excuse me if I misspell or if I am grammatically incorrect. I wanted to take a few snaps of the theplas that I made today and they turned out quite well I must say but never got a chance to do that maybe some other time.
Someone gave me an idea of having my own food blog and I am thinking about it seriously, my husband has been after me to do that for the longest time. So hopefully I will be able to do that. Can anyone tell me what a meme is ? I keep reading about it on different blogs and what is being Tagged ?? Questions , questions and more questions. well my brain is saying good night and so I have to go.


Samir said...

meme : in blog language an idea that is spread from blog to blog

zobars said...

thanks hubby you are so good in reading my blog everyday. how I don't see many comments from you ???? when will you start your blog....we are having a better day today.

Michelle said...

I have no idea what those terms mean either! Blind leading the blind here!

trupti said...

I hope your daughter feels better...stomach bugs can be so painful for the little ones.

Re: a food is always a nice to see a fresh new food blog...would be great if you started one, we need more Gujju food bloggers...I think there's only a handful of us, including mine.

Good luck!


Bharathy said...

Hi Zobs..
Nice to meet you..thanx for your visit to mine..from saffron hut??/how come thru that?by the way?????
Anyway I too love saffron huts and terribly miss hers even as a new blogger...I too am blogoholic like u...and inspired(initiation)by sis:)..lots of coincidence...I love the song Woh Lamhe(Zeher)and am humming it means moments..ok..
parenting is frustrating at times..but gives you as much fun at most of your moments of life as daughter will turn ok in her course of growing up..jus imagine you have twin babes,,then parenting a single childseems of lesser burden..:) moire frusrating words from you OK??:)

zobars said...


Thanks for your kind words. My daughter is doing much better and my son is also getting over the illness. I am still thinking if I can pull of this food blog idea. I will need to gather a lot more courage to do so.

zobars said...

Hi Bharathy, I started out at Saffron Hut and from there I did some more blog hopping and then came across yours so that was my starting point. We do have a lot in common. So what do you think of a gujju food blog ??? Trupti has given me the heads up. Twins,,,,hmmmm,,,, now that would be a tough one. Thank you for showing me the glass as half full. Waiting for your next post.