Saturday, May 26, 2007

I tried it and got excellent results

Today I tried the Mexi-Desi chaat posted on Saffron Hut's blog and I must say my husband who is not a chaat fan loved it. My little one also gobbled it all up and said its really good and that is the best thing that happened in the day. It is such a recipe that does not need much preparation and cooking so I like it. I also tried the Instant Rava dhokla from Bawarchi's and I must sayI have fallen in love with the spongy and soft goodies. I made sweet chutney with Apple Butter (Smucker's brand) by adding mirchi powder, dhania-jeera powder, aamchur and salt and it tastes so good. I made my own version of green chutney to go with it. I still need to post some pictures of these.


Asha said...

SH's link doesn't show but Bawarchi does.Glad you tried those and enjoyed it.We are proud to be foodies!:))

zobars said...

Hi Asha, thanks for visiting my blog. SH's link is not working somehow and I feel so bad that she is not blogging anymore. Indeed we are proud to be foodies. I visited your blog today and had fun. You have three I suppose so which one do you usually post on...Aroma or Foodie's hope of FH index ???

Kajal said...

Kem chhe?
Best choice of chaat my dear. Instant Rava dhokla is very nice recipe from Bawarch’s I never try it but lets try it.......You like our guju haji haman banaviya hata.J
Take Care.:)

zobars said...

Hi Kajal,
Thanks for visiting my blog. Rava dhokla bahu saras bane chhe aa recipe thi. tarladalal ni khaman dhokla ni recipe pan saras chhe.