Saturday, June 9, 2007

What I wish I had known

I know I have not posted on my blog for a week now. I was having so much fun reading other blogs and sk*rt then there was this huge wave of laziness that came over me and I drowned in it. I am sure you all have it too. I have been reading Nora Ephron's "I feel bad about my neck" and that book gave me this idea of writing about "WHAT I WISH I HAD KNOWN AS A CHILD" let's see I would like to write about that and I would like you guys to give me your input if you wish too on that topic. To me it would be .....

I wish I had known that you could learn how to ride a bicycle without falling. (we did not have the luxury of having training wheels on our bikes)
There is a long story behind that too. I learnt it by falling down and that too miserably. But I did not let my little sister fall and to this day I am proud of myself for doing that. I think I really and truly was a big sister that time. I spend a lot of my time correcting myself and thinking what I did wrong and how I could make things better the next time. That is my habit (good and bad both).
So the story goes like this. When I wanted to learn how to ride a bicycle I went to my friends (two boys) and they said they would help me with it and boy did they help me. They took me a to an open ground next to our house where we used to play every day. They told me that they would push me down the slope and I should start paddling as soon as they push me down and I will learn. I was so naive to believe that but I did and probably they did too (or not). So we rented a small bicycle from the shop because I did not have my own and neither did they. The rent was a buck for an hour. So they took me to the slope and I was all excited thinking that I will be flying soon well riding it smooooooooooooothly. They let me go and I scrambled to find the pedals and by the time I found them I went crashing down the slope and was covered in dust. Both my knees were scraped badly and I started wailing. Then I went home and told everyone about it and they tended to my wounds and told me to keep my bicycle riding lessons on hold till my wounds healed. They did heal and after that I told my friends to not let me go until I told them and they listened. I did learn but the hard way. So when it was my sister's turn to learn I decided I am not going to let that happen. She learnt it the easy way and I am glad I could do that.


Michelle said...

thanks for the good read as always.

zobars said...

Thanks Michelle, I talked to one of my friends who used to live in Rochester and she mentioned that a restaurant called Taste of India is good in Buffalo. She is also going to email me with a few other names so I hope you like it too.